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Xiantao Zhongtai Protective Products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of disposable nonwoven products, established in 2003.

We concentrate on research, development & innovation, keep improving production technology, increase the automation level, already obtained several national patents for utility models.

Products are widely used in Infection Prevention, Personal Care, Industry Protection, Food Processing. Main products are disposable surgical gowns, drapes, packs, scrub suits, disposable isolation gowns, patient gowns, face masks, caps, shoe covers, bed sheets, pillow covers etc.


Surgical Gown is especially designed for the medical personnel using in operation. 

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For the clinical operation of a one-time use of health protection, which can effectively avoid secondary infection.

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Disposable Medical Protective Products

Medical Caps, Face masks, surgical gowns

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our products

Surgical Gown

Face mask

Surgical Pack


Scrub suit

Lab coat

Surgical cap


One-stop shopping platform

Our product variety, complete, Here you can buy disposable nonwoven products you need.

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Deal with Manufacturer

This is the lowest price due to direct sale to our customers without distributor.

High quality assurance

The Factory passed standard of quality management system of ISO 13485.

Custom service

You can also customize the sample production, we will do our best to produce more suitable for your product.

We will get you a fast free quote and schedule your job on the day and time that works best for you.

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ZHONGTAI Philosophy

Concentrate on Research, Development, Innovation

We keep improving production technology, increase the automation level, decrease the cost and promote the competitiveness. Our company already obtained several national patents for utility models, we also submit for new high-tech enterprise.

Focus on Quality, Keep Improving

We inspect in every production process. Through process inspection, sampling inspection, finished product inspection, we get high quality products.Our company has professional laboratory, equipped with sufficient testing equipment. We can test the uniformity, water permeability and tension of the raw material, as well as the density of dust particle and microorganism in the workshop.We also test the sterile effectiveness of sterilized products.

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